Socially leveraged business

“Socially leverage business” is a model developed in Holy Herbs as a unique business platform. This is the unique business model aimed to motivate people to create their personal independence and financial freedom. This unique model provides anyone with equal chances to create business leverage, prosperity and success in all aspects of the life. The model is based on such values as fairness, partnership and giving.

The model is based on direct oral marketing, recommendation among friends and belief that there is nothing better than personal contact. It stimulates entrepreneurship and business independence.

The background idea assumes that instead of designation of money for marketing of products in large wholesale chains, advertising in mass media completely owned by capital holders, the capital will be invested into development of first-rank high-quality products and personal teaching of responsibility and financial independence.

Where and how did the idea born?

The marketing and distribution layout is based on personal social connection. It enables to as many people as possible earn money at home. This idea was born more than 100 years ago. Since then it turned into a marketing model which has changed and changes the face of the global economics. The model spread into hundreds of states. It influences lives of millions people and continues to become stronger and become the leading marketing method in the modern world.

Our model uses this idea, also called multilevel marketing, out of deep belief that our moral obligation in the society is to distribute the abundance existing in the world between as many people as possible. At the same time, we moved the old model one step forward. Basing on many years of experience in leading people to business and personal success, we added to the modes new contents and added values.

Our model draws inspiration from a variety of worlds: direct marketing, network marketing, marketing via social networks, marketing by means of mass capital raising and personal and business coaching. All these assume use of innovative and leading instruments and technologies of information management and Internet.

“Socially leveraged business” model brings a powerful drive to our life.


The model’s principles:

  1. Holistic approach to human beings and understanding of the fact that business prosperity shall be followed by prosperity in other fields of life.

  2. Understanding of the fact that the distributors are the moving spirit and force of the company. Correspondingly, our business concept is directed to the distributors and for them.


How do we implement it?

  1. We have defined a number of basic principles, a winning business model and an advanced technological model, which assume payment royalties to the distributors always before profits of the company.

  2. We have created unique and extraordinary reward ways, which were developed in Holy Herbs in order to allow our distributors to be true partners in the success of the company.

  3. We have founded an integral personal development center aimed to promote organization of our distributors. We provide to our distributors “a home for personal prosperity and development”, as a built-in part of the training process. This process is led by very experienced distributors who are the first-rank coachers and members of the Israeli Coachers Association. Our home offers to the distributors’ trainings, workshops, courses, seminars, coachers; school, etc.


We obligate to lead people hand in hand to prosperity in all fields of life.


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