• Dalia Levy 1


    The use of the Seven Species Serum by Holy Herbs is an exciting experience! Applying it every night, also around my eyes, makes my skin look smoother, with a healthy glow. I am looking younger and more vibrant. I love that fact that people stop me to tell me I look great!

    I love the idea that my skin gets nourishment and anti-aging treatment with natural organic products and with no chemicals or preservatives.


  • Anat Moshayov Doctor of Biology in Plant Sciences.


    I am excited to be one of the founders of the Holy Herbs Company. From a professional point of view, what excites me the most about Holy Herbs is the fact that all of its products are completely natural and organic. The cosmetic line is based on ancient knowledge that is combined with high-tech scientific technologies to produce the amazing results we see. What I love is the combination of creating such amazing innovative products and marketing them via social leveraging business.


  • Rochale Raik


    Wow! I want to share with you my excitement about my very first experience with the pure organic products of Holy Herbs. The use of the mask, serum and day cream left me feeling as if I had had a luxurious spa treatment, leaving my skin rejuvenated in a way I've never felt before! The formulator told us that the organic products you put on your skin are immediately absorbed, which creates the magic when using the Holy Herbs products. I love the idea that I can make my own business recommending and marketing such fantastic products.


    Reut Cohen, Gedera, Israel
    (October 2016)

    Hello my name is Reut Cohen from Gedera
    In August, I was exposed to products of the company Holy herbs, Excellent mask, serum feels glowing, cream face feeling fresh,
    My skin is involved, was reddish with little pimples, The mask works wonders on my facial skin, redness and dryness and itching disappeared, Skin feels smooth and drank thirstily the face milk and serum.
    I ordered another one before the first one is over, 
    I thank her rescuers uncovered products,
    Thanks her and just enjoyed.


  • Iiana N.Y

    my name is liana, and every night before i go to sleep i apply on my face a holy herbs serum.

    I can tell every morning i feel the softness on my face causes by the staying serum. my face are not dry anymore, and feeling much healthier

    The day cream I'm using every morning actually relaxing my skin and make it look even, with no red spots

    The most satisfying feeling is when i applying before bed time the serum, after applying the facial mask, and wake up with a great feeling of freshness.



  • Dr. Abi Avraham, Nigeria
    Family Practitioner and Medical Doctor

    … When I heard on what Holyherbs did, I, First of all went to do a lot of research on the seven components. Especially I was very interesting on the drink (the 7Sn Nutrition Supplement)

    …  I did so much research and I found actually what they said it did was what it did… 
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  • Mr Chan, Singapore

    I just came back from Calgary visiting my grandson, Eitan his name, and his eightting month old, he came back from playschool and he contracted a mouth and foot disease. He was crying miserably... 
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  • שושי לוי, מטפלת הוליסטית, ירושלים

    במשך השנים שאני מטפלת עזרתי להרבה מאד אנשים רק לעצמי לא הצלחתי לעזור. לפני שנתיים קיבלתי התקף של ורטיגו, סחרחורות, ובמשך שנתיים כל איכות החיים שלי ירדה. ויתרתי על טיסות, הפסקתי לנהוג, הפכתי להיות בן אדם אחר. דליה, חברתי משכבר הימים סיפרה לי על תוסף התזונה של הוליהרבס ...  
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