The Butterfly Effect Workshop

Our main workshop, the "Butterfly Effect Workshop", is an intensive personal/group coaching workshop, which assists people in bringing out the best of themselves both in personal life and in business.

The workshop was created by Yair Bar Lev back in 2004 and to date, thousands of people have participated in it. The workshop is designed as a coaching process integrating theory and effective experiential training. The workshop's objective is to create a life of freedom, excitement, abundance and love.

Most certainly a life changing experience.

The Butterfly Effect School of Coaches

The Butterfly Effect School of Coaches was established in 2005 by Dorit and Yair Bar Lev and has become an integral part of the Holy Herbs Company. The school serves as a training space for personal coaches and group trainers of the Butterfly Effect method.


We believe that every person needs a life coach. Our mission is to produce the best coaches with advanced knowledge and personal capabilities, and become a 'nursery' that promotes coaches of growth and success.


Beware…Then thine heart be lifted up; (According to Deuteronomy (Devarim), chapter 8)


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